Five Things to Look for in a Good B&B

Thinking about staying at a B&B for your next getaway but don’t know what to expect or where to start when looking for a good one? Or, do you not even know what defines a good B&B? Finding a B&B that will add to your vacation or business trip is easier than you think. If the B&B you’re considering has these five qualities, book your stay ASAP!


1. A Unique Location

A good B&B is located in an exceptional setting that offers a plethora of activities for you to participate in. A historical location or near a large city filled with things-to-do will give you an unforgettable experience. Ditch the typical hotel experience for one that’s unique from the other getaways you’ve had.


2. Additional Amenities

A B&B that offers more than just a bed and breakfast is one that you shouldn’t pass up. Accessible Wi-Fi, massage therapists, a dining room and kitchen or a gym, just to name a few, are assets that high quality B&B contain that will add to your getaway.


3. Personal Restrooms

This is a must. Having to share a restroom with other guests can make for an uncomfortable experience. Although more B&Bs are now offering personal restrooms for their guests, it’s important to make sure to find one with it.


4. Positive Reviews

Getting an inside look of how the experience was for other guests of this B&B is important for you to look into. If there’s nothing but positive and genuine reviews from previous guests, you know you’ve found a B&B you can’t pass up.


5. Accommodating

If you have allergies of any kind: food, pet, etc. it is important to find a B&B that will make the adjustments to make your experience a positive one. Or, if you’re on a business trip, the B&B should offer the additional features that will allow you to comfortably get your work done (i.e., a desk or Wi-Fi). A good B&B is one that is accommodating to you for the reason you’re there or any specific needs you may have.


Finding a B&B the suites your needs, offers privacy through personal restrooms, adds to your experience through an unforgettable location and amenities is the definition of an exceptional B&B. A place with these qualities should be the B&B you spend your next getaway or work trip.



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