A historic house
reimagined for today

Nineteenth-century Tudor architecture and a detailed two-year restoration that modernized the intimate space add to Stone Porch’s appeal as a unique destination.

Built in 1889, the house has been revitalized to make your stay in this Evanston bed and breakfast as comfortable as possible. The City of Evanston awarded Stone Porch the 2015 Preservation Award for Proper Restoration/Rehabilitation of the home. The renovation involved preserving and reusing as many of the original architectural elements as possible. The original windows were refurbished rather than replaced, exterior hardscape elements were salvaged, the interior wood floors were preserved, and new wood floors were designed to age so they match the old floors.

Countless interior details were restored. Existing materials that did not meet explicit historic design criteria set forth by the design team, but that were still useful, were donated to charities or re-purposed to other properties. These included kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, appliances and fixtures. Today, Stone Porch is managed and owned by sisters and innkeepers Lisa Boyd and Sharon Minick. It shares its wealth of charm and beauty as one of the area’s most welcoming and comfortable stays.




In keeping with Evanston’s mission to conserve natural resources and reduce its carbon footprint, a “water harvesting” system was installed at Stone Porch by the Lake. This custom irrigation system collects rain water from the roof and ground in large underground cisterns. The use of the rainwater is controlled through moisture sensors, which are set to irrigate the beautiful gardens whenever they become too dry.